Escape From Tarkov official patch notes published

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  • 2018-Nov-08 16:40

Unlike other patches that included wipe, this time Escape From Tarkov despite the account wipe will keep the weapon mastery on each account. With that being said, the patch 10.5 can at least retain player’s interests in the game. For the first time, the patch will bring Flea market, allowing enhanced trading between players.

For more detailed info on the Flea market, it would be best if you explore the same by yourself. The patch also adds multiple visual fixes, bugs, and more. You can find the full patch notes below:

Patch – Official Notes from EscapefromTarkov

It’s abnormal to see how EFT and its community progresses through. To develop in the engine they’re using you have to be quite an advanced coder and considering all the loot assigned to the table, including the prizes and the content found in the game, we can easily agree that EFT reminds of an AAA title, easily. We’re looking forward to its official release, and the escort received whenever the day comes.

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