Minecraft for Apple TV is dead, so where does tvOS gaming go from here?

The Apple TV hasn’t quite become the living room gaming hub Apple pitched when it launched the App Store on tvOS a few years back.

While a number of the best iPhone and iPad games have successfully migrated to the Apple TV set-top box,  there’s not much in the way of momentum and excitement surrounding the platform.

That’s why Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on the Apple TV version of Minecraft. The app was been removed from the tvOS App Store back on September 24 and apparently people are only just noticing.

Microsoft says it is “reallocating resources to the platforms that platers use the most,” which in itself is an indictment of the state of Apple TV gaming. An in-game message from Microsoft says the game remains playable to existing owners, but there’ll be no new updates to the retro-styled block building phenomenon.

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