Players report strange sounds in Fortnite’s Sky, aerial vehicle incoming?

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  • 2018-Nov-08 15:25

With the release of the new A.I.M skin, more altitudes occur in Fortnite. Some of them simply change the gameplay, some of them bring new excitements, and some of them discover looks of new skins and stuff.

Recently, players have been reporting strange sounds in Fortnite, and some of the players managed to capture the whole situation. At first hear,  When watching at the sky, the sound becomes louder.

For a prime example and proof, @vSuntzu14 has reported the sound within a Tweet, pinpointing the exact location and sound. You can find the tweet below:

Many people believe that it may be wording about an aerial vehicle coming to Fortnite, or maybe the lore is about to be continued within a similar way to that. We’re ready to see whatever’s going to happen in Fortnite. Make sure you stay tuned for any coming news.

Source: Future Game Releases
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